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When to Invest in Fiber Lit Building Data

When to Invest in Fiber Lit Building Data

fiber lit building dataThere are a ton of resources on the web for fiber lit building data, so when should your company invest?

Fiber lit building data shows on net/near buildings or structure with fiber optic connectivity that provides bandwidth for the end-user application.

Fiber Lit Building Data Sources

Depending on the need for data will directly result in which form of data is needed. There are three main categories of fiber lit building data, in this article they will be referred to as free-sourced, government, and secured fiber lit building data, also referred to as lit building data or FLB data.

Free-Sourced FLB Data – This form of data is generally used for school projects and those trying to learn about telecom data in general. Benefits: The benefits of this type of data are that there is little to no cost to the user. Cons: Unfortunately, this data either requires a student ID or has very little details in most cases.

Government FLB Data – This form of data is generally provided to the public sometimes this information can be found online, but in most cases, it is accessible via physical copies in various governmental offices or libraries. Benefits: This data generally has a lot of reported details. Cons: This information is generally not that accessible.

Secured FLB Data – This form of lit building data can vary depending on where it is sourced from. Benefits: The benefit of this data is that the price can vary depending on how much information is needed and depending on the source can be extremely accurate. Cons: The only issue with secured FLB data is newer companies may not have reliable and accurate information as they try to catch up to more established companies, so research your fiber lit building source before you purchase any data. GeoTel Communications offers trusted and secure lit building data and has been allocating this data for about twenty years.

When to Invest in Lit Building Data

If an individual is seeking lit building data for a project or learning opportunity there is generally no need to purchase this data. In some higher learning cases, students may be required to purchase a data plan or an online login to access big telecom data.

If you are seeking lit building for your company or organization, it is always best to purchase secured data with a well-researched company.

Trusted Data Source

GeoTel Communications is one of the most trusted telecommunication location-based data sources. The company has been around for over 18 years and has established itself as the single leading telecom data provider. GeoTel has some of the most reliable and accurate fiber lit building datasets. If your company is interested in gaining access to lit building data, be sure to contact the experts today.

Author: The Experts at GeoTel

Valerie Stephen