fiber lit buildingThere are a plethora of factors that create an increase in property value. Recent advancements in the telecommunication infrastructure are having property owners wondering if a fiber lit building can increase their lot value…

A fiber lit building can indicate higher better, faster internet connections. This could mean more high-tech valuable businesses, larger families, or even bigger investors. According to Computer World, having broadband availability can increase a home or property value by over 3 percent! This has real estate investors asking, “Got Fiber?”

If you are unsure what a fiber lit building is or what fiber has to do with property value, do not worry, GeoTel Communications has all the details and can explain how you can use them to increase your income.


Fiber Lit Buildings or FLBs is wired real estate that is capable of providing high-speed internet connectivity. These buildings can do this via fiber optic cable laid within the building connecting it directly to nearby central offices. Large telecom companies like AT&T see the value in this style of real estate and work to acquire many of these fiber-enhanced commercial buildings.

Why Is a Fiber Lit Building Essential to Business?

Businesses can operate much more efficiently with higher speeds and larger bandwidth, which ultimately creates more revenue.

Another advantage of setting up your business in a fiber lit building is that you can easily change your current Internet Service Provider. FLBs generally have multiple service providers offering a range of high-speed services and bandwidth to the building’s tenants. This means that demand is low, and the service pricing will often be competitive.

Fiber optic cables can support much higher Ethernet connections and with multiplexing of wavelength, numerous gigabit services can be put together into a single optical fiber. If a business were to be operating in a non-lit building, then it would not be able to access this fast Ethernet and traditional broadband networking may be the only option.fiber lit building


Fiber lit on-net real estate can provide value in a multitude of ways depending on what segment reflects best to you personally.


If you are looking for your forever home, you will want to ensure your family has internet access for entertainment, office work, studying, quicker mobile connections, etc. Ensuring your home has high-speed internet will improve your family’s day to day life.


Armed with the knowledge that fiber connectivity will increase property value, you can adjust prices accordingly. Also acquiring these desirable locations may move up on your priority list for good reason and locations will be seen differently. Does this building have fiber capability? Is this lot available for connectivity upgrades, perhaps the possibility of installing a cell tower on the roof?


Being aware of where to set up shop independently and how efficient the work will be based on which coffee shop or library you are at and the buildings connectivity capacity can all affect how much work you will be able to complete. If you are getting to the point in your business where you are deciding on the headquarters location, it would be very beneficial to know the telecom infrastructure in detail and which cities have the most FLBs.


Being a government official means that you need to know all the nitty-gritty details of your region. Knowing who occupies FLBs and who is trying to sell them or if your government business is conducted in one can all be very beneficial in the decision-making process for various projects.

Knowing telecommunication infrastructure details can be helpful to all of these sectors and more. If you or your company would like access to this highly sensitive location-based intelligence, contact GeoTel today and get ahead of your competition.