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TDS Telecom is Expanding the Fiber Network in New Mexico

TDS Telecom is Expanding the Fiber Network in New Mexico

Fiber Network in New MexicoTDS Telecom, an American Telecommunications company is helping to bring New Mexico up to speed.

Rural cities in the United States still face some connectivity challenges. Socorro, New Mexico a beautiful and historic city located in the Rio Grande Valley with a population of slightly over 9,000 residents, is one of those somewhat rural cities. Thanks to an American telecom company the fiber network in New Mexico is getting expanded.

TDS Telecom

The company, TDS Telecom, has been providing telecommunications packages nationwide since 1969. The Wisconsin-based company offers telephone, fiber optic packages, broadband internet, and television services to customers. Not only does the company offer telecom packages it is also the seventh-largest local exchange carrier in the United States.

The Socorro area is already familiar with TDS Telecom. The company currently provides television services to the small town and its residents. However, the company’s offerings in the area are about to expand.

The Fiber Expansion Plan in Socorro, New Mexico

The project for the expansion of the fiber network in New Mexico is just getting started and is currently in the pre-construction phase. The actual fiber build-out is planned to begin in 2022.

The mayor of the City of Socorro, Ravi Bhasker, stated: “It is with great excitement and pleasure to inform you high-speed broadband services are heading to our community.” This upgrade to the communications network in Socorro, New Mexico will bring a lot of promising opportunities to its residents.

The world is becoming more connected every day as the fiber network expands hopefully to a town near everyone. Knowing the fiber landscape can greatly benefit all businesses and organizations in various ways. Contact the experts at GeoTel today to discover the fiber landscape, access the most advanced fiber maps, and tap into the fiber network.

Written By: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen