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Fiber Optic Broadband Expands to West Colorado

Fiber Optic Broadband Expands to West Colorado

fiber optic broadbandRegion 10 is a non-profit organization that supports 18 communities and six counties. One of the areas in this region is called Nucla and for small towns like Nucla, fiber optic broadband means everything.

Nucla, Colorado is home to less than 1,000 people. The small town lies in the western part of the state and is nuzzled into the mountains. There is not a vast list of businesses in the area and most citizens never dreamed of high-speed internet connectivity. The introduction of fiber optic broadband in the town will be a gamechanger for small businesses.

Then & Now

Three years ago, Deeply Digital LLC had been selected by Region 10 to light up Nucla with an all-out fiber-optic broadband network initiative. Deeply Digital went to work hand in hand with the broadband team at the time consisting of Consulting Firm, NEO Connect, and Actavo Engineering Services.

Just this week, the Nucla fiber map has achieved lit connectivity. The entire project cost about $50,000 to complete and some are saying that this is the most important thing to happen to the town since electricity. Not only are residents getting improved internet, but the businesses are benefiting as well.

Fiber Optic Broadband Benefits

Ruth’s Toffee Gourmet Confections is a handcrafted sweet shop in Nucla, Colorado. The shop has an extensive online shop and blog that rely heavily on internet connectivity, mostly because there are simply not enough customers in town. The toffee shop and other e-sellers in the area are not the only beneficiaries of the new broadband connectivity. The educational system through the Region 10 area will also be greatly impacted. A plethora of educational opportunities would be made available to all students and remote classrooms. Other industries that could be benefited from the internet coverage would be farmers tracking livestock, first responders being able to pinpoint remote emergency locations, journalists accessing more sources quickly, and much more.

Connecting rural areas with fiber optic broadband improves the quality of life for residents and benefits businesses. As the county continues into the realm of 5G connectivity, more and more isolated areas will be brought into the 21st century. 

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen