The Fiber Optic Market To Explode In 2015

Every year starts out with a bang–excitement, anticipation, and fireworks mark the beginning of every New Year. The same type of exciting explosion is expected within the telecom industry in 2015!  One industry giant announcing big growth plans is Cincinnati Bell.  This company is based out of Ohio, and is one of the nation’s oldest telecom providers.  It was originally incorporated on July 5, 1873, and possesses the title of becoming the first company in Ohio to provide direct communications between businesses and private homes.

Today, Cincinnati Bell provides telecom services in a tri-state area which includes Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  The total coverage is more than 2,400 square miles.

Cincinnati Bell recently announced plans to dedicate more than $200 million in order to expand its Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) footprint in the greater Cincinnati and surrounding areas. The catalysts for this spending include both strong demand, as well as steady growth in its customer base.

Fiber based services accounted for $42 million in revenues in Q4 of 2014, which translates into a solid 10% growth rate. The company is anticipating that, by the end of 2016, 75% of the Cincinnati market will be covered by its fiber based product and service offerings.

As a result, the small to medium sized business market in Ohio will be able to access a wide array of both Cloud and Mobile based software apps, including ApplePay.  Also, residential customers will be able to quickly upgrade from the traditional DSL speed of 10-25 Mbps to the much faster 50 Mbps.

Overall, there is a continuing need for growth in Cincinnati Bell’s Fioptics FTTP Service.  For instance, its total service suite revenues came to $37 million, which represents a 39% growth rate, on a year over year basis, in Q3 of 2014.  At the present time, this particular service is being consumed in almost 16,000 residential homes, and is currently available in 40% of the greater Cincinnati market.

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