Fiber Optics and Education

Supporting both telecom and internet technologies, fiber optics are slowly becoming integrated into America’s educational systems.

fiber optics and education

Just as fiber optics has become woven into many other markets, the technology is now making a name for itself in the educational industry.  Starting first in early childhood education, preschools and elementary schools are seeking stronger fiber-optic connections as their curriculum becomes more internet-based. As reported by the Washington Post, the typical school has the same Wi-Fi connectivity as the average home, and thus, internet speeds are often not strong enough to support an entire school unless utilizing fiber optics. This is translated to a learning crutch as students with slower connectivity and less access to fiber are left accessing information at a slower rate.

Moreover, as educational systems further move to a more internet-based curriculum, a higher internet speed, which is gained through fiber optics, is seen as a competitive edge against other school districts and competitors.

Traveling up the educational spectrum to colleges and universities, Param Bedi, vice president of library and information technology at Bucknell University, cited the universities research into fiber optics known as “Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research,” or KINBER, as the reason for the school’s ability to house an entrepreneur incubator and move into the national spotlight.

In an interview with Bucknell University’s paper, Ms. Bedimentioned that the universities fiber connection has allowed the school to reach students it couldn’t in the past. She was quoted stating, “prospective students on the West Coast might think, ‘I can’t get to Bucknell,’ and because of that we might not be on their map, but now we could do a virtual open house, online virtual tours or online interaction with faculty, and offer exposure to Bucknell to students who can’t get here.”

Coincidently, as educational systems further incorporate fiber optics their curriculum reflects it. At colleges and universities across America, GIS and Fiber Optics Engineering programs are becoming a major source of interests for students and faculty alike.

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By GeoTel Communications