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Where Can I Find Fiber Routes in My Area?

Where Can I Find Fiber Routes in My Area?

If you are searching for carrier fiber routes, fiber optic cables, or fiber markers, then read this article.

There are multiple ways to find fiber routes in a specific area. Searchers can physically, remotely, and virtually search for fiber optic cable routes. Methods will vary depending on the amount of detail that is needed in the return.

Physical Search

If you are searching for fiber routes in your immediate area, then the best course of action would be to physically seek these routes out.

When telecommunication carriers lay fiber optic cable into the ground, they need to notify the local government, keep tabbed information for the organization itself, and notify utility workers or civilians in general for various reasons. The best way to notify those in the general area is with fiber optic cable markers or labels, sometimes also referred to as fiber pegs. These markers come in various shapes and sizes, generally, they consist of a wooden utility stick, covered in a plastic coating, usually bright orange with various information labeled on it such as the telecom carrier.

A physical fiber route search is seeking out these fiber optic cable markers by foot within a given area.

Remote Search

Remote searching for fiber routes can be performed in a few different ways, one of the most common ways is by drone. If you are seeking fiber cable near you but within a large searching radius, physically locating fiber markers may be too much of a challenge. By utilizing the proper equipment, such as a drone equipped with video and real-time reporting, users can locate fiber optic cable markers across a much wider distance in a shorter amount of time than with a physical search.

Other ways to remote search could be employing a survey crew to do the leg work for you. Survey crews also have special equipment that allows them to quickly and efficiently locate various underground utilities. However, remote searching may not be plausible for all needs and kinds of projects.

Virtual Searchfiber map

Depending on how much detail you are searching for in your area, a fiber optic cable marker may not be enough. If you are searching for specifics such as where the fiber routes take place underground or how many carriers utilize certain paths, then a virtual search will be more accommodating. Another reason for a virtual search could be that the search radius is too large to physically or remotely search. So, what exactly is a virtual search?

A virtual search is when a user utilizes a digital platform or accesses pre-allocated fiber optic geographic data from a geographic information system (GIS). There are various virtual platforms that allow users to search large areas for different telecom infrastructure assets. GeoTel Communications offers in-depth software as a service platform, TeleTracker, that accesses one of the largest telecom location-based databases available. Tools like these allow users to quickly and effectively search areas for fiber routes or other data sets.

If your company is interested in learning more about the advanced fiber route searcher, then contact the experts at GeoTel today!


Author: The Experts at Geotel

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