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Fibertech Networks Introduces 100 Gigabit Ethernet High-Speed Data Center

Fibertech Networks Introduces 100 Gigabit Ethernet High-Speed Data Center

Fibertech Networks, a metro-based fiber optic network provider serving the Eastern and Central United States regions, announced last week that it has deployed Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and Service Delivery Switches on its over 9,000-mile fiber optic route that services more than 8,000 lit buildings, creating a high-speed data center.

high-speed data center“We are seeing an increasing need for high-capacity, programmable networks to serve our joint customers,” explained Jason Phipps, general manager of global enterprise and government market verticals at Ciena in a press release. “Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform and OneControl management solution helps Fibertech to unlock the full potential of its fiber assets.”

Fibertech Networks has built metro-area fiber networks in 29 mid-size markets in the US. The new technology, Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform powered by WaveLogic 3 Coherent Optical Processors, allows for metro Ethernet speeds upwards of 100 GB. Fibertech determined the upgrade was vital to provide the speeds necessary to properly serve their data-heavy clients. These businesses need services such as high-speed data center connectivity, digital media transmission, on-demand video retrieval, and ultra-low latency networking solutions.

“Providing this large amount of data to the end-user demonstrates our ability to implement and support the ever-growing bandwidth needs of our customers,” said Earl Ipsaro, vice president of engineering at Fibertech, in a press release. “By deploying Ciena’s packet-optical and packet networking solutions, we can continue to leverage our fiber infrastructure and expand out to cost-effectively reach more businesses.”

For businesses looking to bring high-speed connectivity into their buildings, GeoTel Communications can help you determine if Fibertech’s network is located in your area. We offer fiber network maps, fiber lit buildings, and other fiber data sets to assist with analyzing fiber infrastructure in a spatial, map-like environment. If you are interested in obtaining fiber network maps for a particular city or metro area, contact GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172.

Valerie Stephen