How Do You Find Carrier Fiber Routes in Missouri?

Fiber Carrier Routes in MissouriQuestion: How do you find nearby fiber carrier routes in Missouri? Answer: The most efficient way to find fiber carrier routes in the center of the U.S. is by searching on a digital fiber map. Alternative Answer: There are other options, such as, one can physically search for fiber optic cable markers (or telecom pegs), but these solutions are not always efficient.

If your company is seeking fiber carrier routes in Missouri and nearby areas, it can be intimidating when thinking of the vast stretch of land that covers this region of the United States. However, most companies know just how important it is to be aware of the telecommunications infrastructure and know the fiber landscape.

Laid Carrier Fiber Routes in Missouri

Knowing where the fastest, most secure internet connections available are can serve as a huge advantage over your competition. Missouri is listed as the 41st most connected state, [these numbers tend to fluctuate] which means that there are 40 other states with quicker connections, which could translate to 40x the competition…

Fortunately, internet providers are abundant in Missouri. About 254 telecom companies provide internet connectivity, yet nearly 350,000 residents do not have an offered wired connection available at all and a little over 500,000 residents only have one network provider option available.  

If your company is looking to relocate or expand, it could make or break the business to know where your best options are. According to Broadband Now, the top cities in Missouri for internet connection are:

  • Crystal City
  • Boonville
  • Fort Leonard Wood
  • Gravois Mills
  • Grandview
  • Saint Ann
  • Sunrise Beach
  • Versailles
  • Valley Park

(To see the full list of cities, click here)

Data Communications and a Fiber Network

Why are these statistics important? Video, voice, and other forms of data communications are essential for most business operations. Knowing where carrier fiber routes are can offer businesses the connection they need to a secure and fast network. For example, Blue Bird Network offers a network with reliable, scalable, and secure connections to data centers, wireless towers, other business locations, etc. What about the other network providers or where are the fiber routes physically located?

How to Locate Internet Routes and Distinguish Carriers

Your organization needs access to accurate telecommunications data to locate internet connectivity, discover network operators, and other pertinent bits of information.

There 5 main types of internet connectivity in Missouri

  1. Fiber (6 providers & 14 plans)
  2. Cable (4 providers & 29 plans)
  3. Mobile Broadband (4 providers & 32 plans)
  4. DSL (3 providers & 15 plans)
  5. Satellite (2 providers & 12 plans)

Numerous websites that will inform you what the “best” internet providers are, but most of these sites are getting kickbacks or have some unseen form of partnership. The most efficient way to know who the exact providers are and where they are physically located is to access the data with a digital business intelligence platform, such as the web-based TeleTracker. This information can also be accessed with GIS data but without proper training can be time-consuming to decipher.

If your company would like access to the largest, most accurate telecom relational database available, contact the experts at GeoTel Communications and get the assistance you can trust!

Author: Valerie Stephen