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Finding Fiber Networks Online

Finding Fiber Networks Online

Finding Fiber Networks OnlineIs your company in need of finding fiber networks online? Learn how to access fiber routes below.

The current environment has posed new challenges for today’s organizations. It may seem like jumping over hurdles to book travel without the worry of cancellation, difficult to travel easily across borders, and even dangerous to be in the field due to the political climate. Organizations must utilize the internet now more than ever to alleviate these challenges. Thanks to certain digital platforms, such as TeleTracker, finding fiber networks online has never been easier.

Finding Fiber Now

Some surveyors would travel physically by foot or digitally by drone to survey and map the land. This can be beneficial for numerous fields and industries. The telecommunications industry has benefited from this form of data collection for years. There are various databases created to host this information. However, the infrastructure does develop and change. Without constant evaluation, some sources may outdate themselves. The field must be constantly surveyed and updated with new information. Unfortunately, this may not be feasible for most organizations, however, there are options.

Turning to Online Services

Organizations can research various destinations online. This involves countless hours of searching the web and still, these sources may be outdated. Some companies turn to directly contacting telecom carriers in hopes they will just provide them with copious amounts of infrastructure information. The big carriers are parts of a huge organization and it could take weeks to even get to the correct person. This also does not take into fact that if a company exposes its network infrastructure, it could be giving away their competitive edge.

Many companies seeking fiber resources fall into the trap of utilizing a free fiber map they found online. The issue with these fiber maps is that they are not always updated or 100% accurate. In the long run, turning to these resources can do more damage to a company’s bottom line. Why would companies utilize these sources? Because they get a lot of traffic and are mistaken as trustworthy options.

A trustworthy option that won’t provide false results is GeoTel. Product offerings include:

  • GIS files – Which can be used within a company’s existing software.
  • TeleTracker – A visual online platform with instant access to North America’s fiber infrastructure.
  • Professional Service Projects – For smaller based fiber maps and quick turnaround time.

Access to these offerings is as simple as call (407.788.8888) or filling out a form. Contact the experts at GeoTel today and know the fiber landscape!


Valerie Stephen