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Finding Fiber Optics in Texas

Finding Fiber Optics in Texas

Finding fiber optics is usually not an easy task. This article will help assist those in the Texas area.

Everything is bigger in Texas, which may make finding fiber optics even more challenging. Did you know that only 10% of the state is covered in fiber? This amount of coverage serves nearly 3 million residents via 36 providers. Depending on what fiber infrastructure asset you are looking for will constitute how you find it.

Internet Providers in Texas

A good portion of Texan residents do not have access to fiber internet. According to WhistleOut, if a resident does not have access to a fiber option, they can turn to:

  • Frontier – the number one DSL provider
  • HughesNet or ViaSat – top satellite internet providers
  • Spectrum and Xfinity – most acclaimed cable internet providers

If a resident is fortunate enough to find fiber-optic connections in Texas, two of the most popular are AT&T and Windstream. Other common fiber providers consist of GoogleFiber, Suddenlink, CableONE, and CenturyLink.

Knowing which fiber internet providers are available to you in the Lone Star State can be beneficial. It also helps to know which cities are the most efficiently connected.

Connected Cities

Texas may be the 30th most connected state, but 96% of the state has access to wired coverage, 87% to cable, 88% to DSL, and 32% to fiber optics. However, finding fiber optics in Texas can be challenging on a city to city basis. According to BroadbandNow, the top 10 cities that have 100% broadband coverage are as follows.

  1. Dallas
  2. Arlingtonfinding fiber optics texas
  3. Irving
  4. Lewisville
  5. Carrollton
  6. Plano
  7. Richardson
  8. Grand Prairie
  9. Round Rock
  10. Euless

These Texans cities do have the most coverage with the most provider options, but interestingly enough they do not have the fastest internet speeds. The fastest cities in Texas are Armstrong, Rogers, Ranger, Valentine, and Schertz.

Knowing the top providers in Texas, where the top connected cities are, and where the fastest cities are, are all beneficial factors in searching for assets of the state’s fiber infrastructure. However, if you want street-level details you will need a different search platform.

Finding Fiber Optics at a Street Level

You can search the web for state-level questions, but when it comes down to detail another platform is needed…

Finding fiber optics in Texas can be done from city-level to street-level with the platform TeleTracker. Not only will the platform disclose physical routes of fiber optical cable, but it can also disclose other pertinent details, such as the internet provider of said fiber route. If you or your organization could benefit from these details, contact the experts today.

Author: GeoTel Team

Valerie Stephen