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Finding the “Hot Spot” with Fiber Optics

Finding the “Hot Spot” with Fiber Optics

By GeoTel Communications

As wireless networks become increasingly accessible, a “hot spot” has become the epitome of power for a company.

With 5G connectivity coming in the near future, a powerful “Hot Spot” is more important than ever. “Hot Spots” are wireless access points, typically in public locations, that provide internet access to mobile devices such as your laptop or smartphone when you are away from the office or your home and they have become synonymous with internet accessibility. With thousands of miles of fiber optic cables underneath North America and the surrounding oceans, deciphering which routes are best suited for a “hot spot” requires extensive mapping.

Applications such as GeoTel’s TeleTracker lay the groundwork for such exploration as TeleTracker allows the user to manipulate data sets for specific areas. Thus, the user can explore the geographic possibility of a “hot spot” as it best suits their business. An addition to any business bundle, the ability to market a telecom’s services with a “hot spot” adds substantial value.

TeleTracker’s 3D capability means that fiber providers can view a business’s architecture and surrounding landscape prior to the business interaction. From this, the fiber providing company can better assess the area and surrounding business landscape. Moreover, as more of the consumer population “cuts the cord” or get rid of cable television, the ability to stream entertainment is becoming an expectation.

If your business is interested in utilizing TeleTracker and GeoTel’s other resources to increase your business, contact our office for a complimentary demo.

Valerie Stephen