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Fortune Magazine To Feature GeoTel Data

Fortune Magazine To Feature GeoTel Data

GeoTel Communications, LLC, a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web-based platforms, today announces that Fortune Magazine will feature its telecommunications data and maps in a multi-page article. The article, to reach newsstands worldwide on July 9, focuses on the Internet and global fiber-optic communications. Written by journalist and author of the book TUBES: A Journey to the Center of the Internet, Andrew Blum, the article will also be included on Fortune’s online homepage,

The Title of the story “Mapping The Internet” describes the history and process of tracking the telecommunications data. From the seafloor to under city streets, this data is transmitted through fiber-optic cables. GeoTel utilizes GIS mapping technology used in combination with additional graphic design to display the telecom maps in the article.

“Our telecom data and maps illustrated in the story offer the reader a better understanding of how our world’s economies are interconnected via worldwide communications infrastructure,” states Dave Drazen, GeoTel’s CEO and Chairman. “The physical infrastructure that connects the Internet and therefore our world drives our global communities and commerce, enabling and empowering new and existing economies.”

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