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GeoTel Communications Donates Maps to Chicago Architecture Foundation

GeoTel Communications Donates Maps to Chicago Architecture Foundation

GeoTel Communications, LLC a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and web-based platforms, announces it has donated maps and telecom data to support the Chicago Architecture Foundation upcoming exhibit, Chicago: City of Big Data, located at 224 South Michigan Ave.

To illustrate the volume of digital infrastructure that exists in Chicago, CAF collaborated with GeoTel Communications, LLC to create fiber density maps that show the location of fiber optic routes in Chicago’s downtown and region. These maps are displayed in the exhibition section describing how Chicago’s industrial-age infrastructure is being readapted for the information-age purposes. GeoTel’s telecom data and maps help tell the story of Chicago’s historic underground freight tunnel system, – originally built in 1904 to carry mail and goods between Chicago’s downtown warehouses and businesses – which were adapted to house fiber optic cables in 1985.

“Our telecom maps will help visitors to the CAF exhibit visualize how communications infrastructure plays a major role in big data and urban planning,” Dave Drazen, GeoTel’s CEO and Chairman said. “Typically it is hard to visualize this aspect of technology and now we’ve brought it to life, which allows people to see how this infrastructure connects big data and drives communities.”

The Chicago Architecture Foundation’s new data from GeoTel takes the form of telecommunication fiber maps that look at fiber lit buildings, data centers, and cell towers. GeoTel’s industry-leading maps help visitors better visualize the vast telecom infrastructure hidden benefit streets and within buildings throughout Chicago. The level of detail and information contained within these maps is unrivaled.

Data provides urban planners and city officials’ new tools to plan, design and build cities. Good data, like that provided by GeoTel Communications, allows designers and citizens to identify trends and patterns that affect the health and happiness of those living within a city. Through data, people can explore and understand how design issues affect citizens, community health, livability, safety and sustainability.

About GeoTel

For over a decade, GeoTel Communications has been researching and providing telecommunications data in a GIS or web-based spatial environment to customers across the globe. GeoTel’s highly developed databases encompass millions of miles of fiber optics routes from over 505 different Carriers, more than 350,000 Cell towers and rooftop sites, and over 300,000 fiber lit buildings, data centers and central offices across more than 5,500 U.S. cities. These integrated datasets are digitized onto the highest quality street data and aerial imagery available, providing companies and government entities with the leverage and insight necessary to make informed location based and fiscally sound decisions.

 About the Chicago Architecture Foundation

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing public interest and education in architecture and design. The Chicago Architecture Foundation pursues this mission through architecture tours, exhibitions, panel discussions and youth and adult education programs.


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