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GeoTel Provides for Gizmodo Magazine

GeoTel Provides for Gizmodo Magazine

america's internetThe Bullseye of America’s Internet

By Andrew Blum May 29, 2012, 2:00 PM

America’s internet is comprised of a vast tangible infrastructure. This physical framework that connects America is often forgotten by the everyday internet user. One tends to think that the internet just happens on its own. Author Andrew Blum is responsible for a number of trustworthy publishing regarding to telecommunications. He has since credited GeoTel Communications as a resource to his findings. One of his noteworthy writings recently released was Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet, in which he explains the “hidden bullseye” behind the internet of America. 

The Internet works because every network is connected, somehow, to every other. Where do those connections physically happen? More than anywhere else in America, the answer is “Ashburn.” This is the bullseye of America’s Internet.”  

As Andrew Blum travels to the heart of the internet he goes into detail about how the town Ashburn, Virginia is a small town that is home to one of the most essential data centers belonging to Equinix. This location houses network operators of all shapes and sizes, some of the ones mentioned by Mr. Blum were Verizon, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Each one of the customers within this Equinix building rent space in this high concentration network with ease of colocation.  

The internet can travel over long distances, but it is much more efficient when it is directly plugged in. Within the Equinix building telecom network servers and physical internet connections can be distributed to other data centers and clients, providing the most efficient connections. The connections, the network engineers, the data center techs, and all involved within the business of this centralized data center are all responsible for running America’s internet. 

The Author and GeoTel – America’s Internet 

Andrew Blum is an American journalist and author with a passion for technology and infrastructure. He has written for very notable publishers, such as Gizmodo, the New York Times, Wired, and more. Mr. Blum worked with GeoTel Communications on his journey to writing his book about the hardwire backbone of the internet and has credited GeoTel with providing maps and other telecom infrastructure information.  

Be sure to contact GeoTel if you are interested in acquiring more information about the telecom infrastructure.  

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