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How Often is GeoTel’s Telecom Data Updated?

How Often is GeoTel’s Telecom Data Updated?

telecom data updatedGeoTel views its telecommunications infrastructure information as a living database. Continue reading to learn exactly what this means.

A common data provider inquiry is – “how often is this data updated?” GeoTel’s telecom data thrives as a living database. This term refers to a database that is always growing, always expanding, and constantly being updated. By treating this information which such fluidity, the end-user can expect the largest and most accurate telecom database available.

Evolving Infrastructure Requires a Living Database

The telecommunications infrastructure strives to keep up with technological advancements and consumer demand. Government entities and non-profit organizations have been making efforts in the continual development of the telecom landscape.

For example, fiber optic cable is being installed almost every day. The continuous development of this single telecom asset requires location-based information to be updated almost every single day in return. However, it is not just fiber routes, but also cell towers, and fiber lit buildings, and submarine cables, and – virtually every aspect of the telecom infrastructure is either expanding or being updated constantly.

So, how often is GeoTel’s telecom data updated? The answer is – constantly.

Statistics That Speak for Themselves

In the past two quarters, GeoTel has proven that it is the single leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data. Beginning in 2022 the following is available upon request in GeoTel’s telecom database.

  • 4,421,000 Fiber Route Milestelecom data updates
  • 1,020 Fiber Route Carriers
  • 17,954 US Cities
  • 13,250,000 Fiber Lit Buildings
  • 7,210 Carriers in Fiber Lit Buildings
  • 6,000 Data Centers
  • 366,000 Cell Towers

Not only are these numbers the largest available in the market, but they will also continue to grow with the infrastructure.

Accessing Updated Telecom Data

There are two main options for accessing telecom data updated by GeoTel, and that is via TeleTracker and GIS.


GeoTel’s online mapping platform and SaaS product, TeleTracker, has a live connection to the living telecom database. The information accessible on this platform is the most updated and accurate option available. Not only is the information continually updated, but the platform is also customizable. An organization can create its ideal telecom mapping platform with TeleTracker. To gain access to GeoTel’s living database via TeleTracker click here.


GIS experts work with data on a daily basis. It is imperative that this data is accurate and acts as a digital twin of the area in which they are working with. However, a GIS-savvy user knows that if they were to continuously update their GIS tools, the entire day would be comprised of updates. GeoTel’s solution to an accurate, updated living GIS database is with optimized deliveries. Through a Secure File Transfer Protocol, GIS users can expect data updates on an industry-optimized delivery schedule.

With constant updates in TeleTracker and optimized updates with GIS, telecom data users can rest assured knowing that their data is not only accurate but up to date. For users that are new to the telecom industry, GeoTel also offers professional services upon request.

The world is constantly developing, so should an organization’s data. Contact the experts at GeoTel to request access today!

Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen