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The Tech Blog Writer and GeoTel’s Podcast

The Tech Blog Writer and GeoTel’s Podcast

GeoTel’s Podcast Sets A New Tone in Tech: >>Listen HERE <<

Geotel's podcastGeoTel Communications, LLC is the leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data with the most advanced and extensive data sets available.

Here at GeoTel, we continuously update pertinent information, so companies and government entities can make informed and intelligent business decisions. GeoTel is proud to have over 7,000 (updated to 7,200) network providers globally, 7,200,000 (updated to 10.5 million) fiber lit buildings, 4,200,000 carrier route miles highlighted on fiber maps and 7,600 US cities in our data sets. (These numbers have been updated to reflect trusted stats)

In the recent and riveting podcast, the Tech Blog Writer, interviews Eric Cabading, Executive Vice President of GeoTel Communications. Eric dives into geomatics and the analysis, interpretation, and collection of data in relation to the earth’s surface. Together they also explain location-based intelligence, geo-analytics, and wired real estate also known as fiber lit buildings. They also discuss how 5G and AI will impact and be impacted by geospatial technology. These elements all play into the software and services available at GeoTel and how it provides data and predictive analysis to make informed business decisions.

The Tech Blog Writer

Neil C. Hughes is also known as the Tech Blog Writer. He is located in the United Kingdom and spearheads a technological business blog full of amazing information. He is a blogger, freelance writer, tech columnist, ghostwriter, and podcaster. Neil has various columns, such as TNW, T_HQ, Inc., Target Marketing, and on LinkedIn. Neil provides a platform for business leaders to share their stories and transform their businesses with unique and creative content. He has received awards from Forbes, CIO, ZDNet, and much more. Neil or the Tech Blog Writer has over 4 million views on his podcasts and has listeners in over 165 countries. His services as a whole include the creation and editing of podcasts, ghostwriting, writing technical blogs, and event coverage.

GeoTel greatly enjoyed the opportunity to create a podcast with the Tech Blog Writer.

To learn more about Geotel’s podcast or to get a personal demo of GeoTel’s data, contact us today!

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