GIS Assists Designing & Expanding Fiber Networks

In early December, Alabama-based 3-GIS announced a contract with Atlantic Engineering Group. The aim of this relationship is to use 3-GIS’s cloud based solution to design telecommunication networks throughout major US cities and then have AEG build out the network.

3-GIS creates desktop and mobile software that accesses complex GIS information and makes it easier to understand. AEG approached 3-GIS about the partnership because they were in need of a solution that would allow them to design a green field fiber to the home network in an efficient and timely manner. In addition to the fiber network, 3-GIS is assisting with expanding AEG’s existing network.

“We are happy to have AEG as a customer and are excited to be part of the bright future this company has,” said Tom Counts, President of 3-GIS in a press release. “3-GIS Network Solutions are a good fit for their current infrastructure and will provide a simple and easy to maintain solution for their company.”

AEG employees will be utilizing 3-GIS Live, a fully cloud based system, to access GIS data from remote locations while also collecting real-time data out the field.

GIS solutions are advancing daily. Being able to see real-time data allows city planners and developers to design and review projects in a simple and easy method. This allows personnel to match the ever-changing demands of clients and deadlines.  If like AEG, you are looking for assistance in designing and expanding your fiber network, then GeoTel can help.

GeoTel Communications takes telecom infrastructure data and makes it tangible. We are the leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data in GIS and Internet based spatial technologies. GeoTel’s fiber optic maps and other telecom maps help city officials, urban planners and business leaders construct and manage state-of-the-art fiber-optic networks in communities across the U.S. Call GeoTel Communications at 407.788.8888 for a customized quote for our fiber network map or other GIS data set.