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Are Google Maps a GIS Map?

Are Google Maps a GIS Map?

gis mapHaving the ability to use a GIS Map is becoming more common and necessary every day. Some users may be confused as to what exactly constitutes as a geographic information system (GIS).


What is a GIS Map?

A geographic information system is a map that stores, manages, and manipulates data to present an in-depth virtual view of a specific geographical area. These maps can show real-world aspects and real-time relationships between various factors. Data providers utilize various mapping quantities, mapping densities, and mapping alterations all for a multitude of reasons. These reasons could include how many objects are in a certain region or various spatial relationships between certain objects. GeoTel Communications utilizes these tools in various ways, such as mapping fiber routes. Other companies utilize GIS maps and geographic location information in various ways, so is Google utilizing GIS?


Traditional maps were developed by hand and foot, literally drawn by the eye of the creator. The evolution of the map has come a long way from hand and foot to the digital maps we use today. GIS maps are in high demand in both the private and public sector, but these maps have also blurred the lines between geographical information systems and actual mapping.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a free system that utilizes street view imagery to generate various forms of directions. Some telecommunications professionals label this platform as a GIS Map, whereas others are in disagreement. Those who believe Google Maps is indeed a GIS Map highlight the facts that it dissects geographic system data and can map out various landmarks and topographic features. Those in the opposing view say it should not be labeled as such due to the service not connecting topography to a database with detailed information, not highlighting all geographic features nearby a certain region, and not noting other geographic features that intersect with another set of features.

The focal difference between GeoTel’s advanced GIS map and Google Maps is the sheer power and capability of the GeoTel platform. Google Maps are distinctly an online service mapping provider that proves to have extreme accessibility and data that portrays analysis in qualitative ways. GeoTel can answer the why and how to solve various problems while evaluating the GIS map data and utilizing predictive analysis.

GeoTel provides accurate and precise telecommunications infrastructure data, including GIS services. If your company is interested in the services offered by GeoTel, please contact us today!

Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen