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GIS Services

Digitizing and GIS Services

GeoTel will digitize all records of fiber route information into GIS.  Customers may choose to have the route information layered in a variety of ways, including color aerial photography and building footprints with digital elevation. GeoTel also offers the ability to digitize fiber routes from AutoCAD, drawings, paper maps, image files, and PDF. Customers may choose which GIS format they would like the data delivered in, such as ESRI,  MapInfo, or KMZ formats. Data attribute fields include CBSA, Local Access and Transport Area (LATA), carrier name, on or off road location, and a unique ID.

Also available, is the partial or complete outsourcing of GIS to GeoTel, digitizing, mapping, map creation, research, storage or GIS files, logo maps for marketing/sales, technical maps for engineering/Outside plant. These requests are processed on demand and available around the clock.

Custom Carrier Maps

Similar to our cartographic and other GIS services, GeoTel can create customized mapping templates for professional collateral materials reflecting a client’s brand and services through mapping design. By integrating a client’s data into our geospatial database, we can develop a progression of maps and reports representing our client’s core business through online and electronic media.