GIS Technology Helps First Responders

GIS TechnologyWith all of the content we have written about the GIS industry this past year, we have seen many applications and the promise they hold for the future. Today, we bring you an even more exciting application of GIS technology. This one has a very positive impact on the emergency response market sector in the United States.

When someone faces an unfortunate medical crisis and calls 911 for help, the hope is that the ambulance will arrive in just a matter of minutes. But, truth be told, even ambulance drivers get snared in traffic, especially if they have to take a patient to a hospital in a large city during rush hour.

In some cases, being stuck in traffic can be a matter of life or death for the patient. To combat this situation, a leading GIS provider known as Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, in partnership with TomTom, will provide map and traffic data in real time to first responders to help them find the quickest and most efficient route to get to the patient and, then, to the hospital.

The specific software that will be used in this strategic partnership is the Intergraph Computer Aided Dispatch, also known as “I/CAD” for short. In fact, this particular piece of software application is not just available here in the United States, it is also available in the countries of Australia, India, and South Korea.

This GIS technology software provides the most detailed driving data which includes the following:

  • Signage
  • Intersections and related congestion
  • Hard to find addresses
  • Navigating through complex street networks
  • Finding the most optimal route in the worst imaginable traffic conditions and construction scenarios

According to Mike Creevey, a manager at Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, “We look forward to leveraging our partnership with TomTom to benefit dispatchers and first responders and drive additional value within our public safety solutions, raising both the performance and productivity of public safety and security agencies throughout the Asia-Pacific region.” (SOURCE:

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