Using GIS in Agricultural Project

There is no doubt that the United States is the agricultural superpower of the world.  We probably have one of the best food production and distribution systems in the entire world; in fact, it is the envy of many governments around the world.

The use of GIS technologies is not a new phenomenon in this sector, it has been used for quite some time to guide farmers as they harvest their crops in difficult to navigate terrains.  Also, agricultural experts are even making the full usage of UAVs to find new land areas which can be farmed in the future.

In fact, the local government of Saint Kitts and Nevis has expressed, in the last few weeks, plans of trying to adopt some of the production processes of the U.S. Agricultural Industry. Nevis and Saint Kitts are two, tiny Caribbean islands.  The nation has a population of just 50,000 inhabitants, but it is facing escalating food production costs.

In an effort to curtail this, a GIS Vendor, known as SuperGeo, has launched an initiative entitled the “Vegetable, Fruit, and Upland Crop Quality and Safety Improvement Project”.  The primary objective of this new initiative is to help introduce the SuperGIS Desktop line of software products.  It has been designed to improve the workflow and increase the productivity for farmers and agriculture companies which are located in this region of the world.

Some examples of the use of this specialized GIS software include the following:

  • Mapping all of the production processes on the farm and developing more cost-effective allocation techniques;
  • More accurately assessing fertilization and irrigation needs in a much more precise fashion, thus assuring more levels of Quality Assurance (QA) in the raw product;
  • In terms of actual crop production, agricultural consultants can now further analyze the aspect, slope, etc. of the farmland to help the farmers utilize these areas more efficiently.

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