Health Benefits of Fiber Optics

Powering the possibility of 5G and future “Smart Cities” the latest implementations of fiber optics are being labeled essential to the healthcare industry.

Fiber Optics, known for their ability to bring users high-powered internet speed and connectivity, are being hailed as “revolutionary” when it comes to improving healthcare systems. On both ends of the medical spectrum, patient and doctor, fiber optic technology is changing the system.

For the patient, fiber optic technology translates to increased access to information, and accessibilities to healthcare facilities regarding personal health. Fiber optics can provide a strong connection for technological advances such as mobile EKG’s and heart monitors.  Integrated technology, such as cloud-based storage centers powered by fiber optics, that can be used for medical records, allows both patients and doctors the ability to view medical documents almost instantaneously.

A strong fiber optic connection can also mean rapid response times from aid workers and emergency services. Fiber optics’ integral role in the possibility of 5G translates to higher rates of understanding when it comes to disease control and healthy living as it allows for faster connectivity, more integrated technology, and the implementation of “smart” technology.

Medical professionals also benefit from fiber-optic integrations through scientific studies and patient care. When fiber optics, powered 5G connectivity, become immersed within a city’s infrastructure, the ability to rapidly collect data regarding the spread of diseases and illnesses can improve how large areas can prevent an outbreak. Moreover, the faster the internet connection, the faster doctors can work together on various patient cases to efficiently speed up the diagnosis.

The fiber optic infrastructure is essential to the future integration of 5G connectivity.  To see how your company can benefit from fiber-optic technology, GeoTel offers complimentary demos.

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By GeoTel Communications