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Learn About High-Altitude Drones Delivering 5G to Remote Areas

Learn About High-Altitude Drones Delivering 5G to Remote Areas

High-Altitude Drones Delivering 5GProviding remote locations access to 5G connectivity has been a goal for various telecommunication companies for the past 3 years. BT Group has been tackling this goal in a variety of ways. One of the most recent company projects includes testing if high-altitude drones can deliver 5G to rural areas.

Project Details

BT and Stratospheric Platforms have teamed up to test the capability of 5G connectivity via drones. The project is in the testing stages for a mobile telecommunication networking system with assets mounted on high-altitude platform station aircraft or drones. The deployed innovative antenna technology could provide transformational options for end users in hard-to-reach areas with speeds of up to 150Mbit/s across areas as wide as 140km or 15,000 square km.

The testing of these new antennas will include high-level buildings mimicking the drones and ensuring that the developed architecture can support multiple secure locations. The goal is to expand BT’s network to areas in which terrestrial network connections are extremely difficult to develop such as in the mountains or out at sea.

The Benefits of High-Altitude Drones Delivering 5G

This approach to the 5G network provides significant energy and cost savings in comparison to the current telecommunications infrastructure. The flight platforms and antennas are hydrogen-powered, emit non-polluting water vapor, and create minimal levels of noise for low environmental impact.

This new operation could greatly benefit industries such as Agriculture, Maritime, Transport, Security, and Search and Rescue Operations. The ability to provide network connections via a mobile platform can provide opportunities for connectivity after natural disasters which could impact the critical physical infrastructure. While high-altitude drones are not the only solution to remote connectivity, given the strides in satellite communications, they provide a low-cost and low-impact solution.

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Valerie Stephen