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Your Company Can Save Money and Time with TeleTracker – Find Out How!

Your Company Can Save Money and Time with TeleTracker – Find Out How!

save money and timeDoes your company utilize telecom data? If the answer is yes, then learn how to save time and money utilizing a unique platform!

When your company relies on telecom data for daily operations it is pertinent that the information is accurate and easily accessible. GeoTel’s GIS SaaS platform, TeleTracker, allows companies to streamline efforts when searching for location-based telecom data.

Consolidating Data with  GIS Software

GeoTel’s TeleTracker is a tool for decision-making that turns location-based telecom assets into meaningful information. Consolidating GIS telecommunications data into a single software platform has allowed companies to save money and time on daily operations. TeleTracker’s tools provide a comprehensive overview of a specific area with the following features.

  • Over 15 telecom data layers
  • Telecom carrier locator
  • Area code boundaries
  • Pertinent real estate information
  • Street and the bird’s eye view
  • Customized reporting
  • 3D visualizations
  • And more!

There are countless benefits that these features can provide for your organization. This cost-effective tool can save companies and organizations thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

How Does TeleTracker Save You Money?

TeleTracker is unique. It is the only platform that has the capability of performing what other GIS platforms do all at once. In other words, it consolidates various aspects of data and presents it all at once with various data layers and mapping views. The platform replaces multiple programs, data resources, and the number of users needed. This translates to a third of the costs of the work you would have to do without utilizing this platform. ( Three main ways TeleTracker can save you money are:

  • Reduces costs by reducing the need to buy multiple software packages to produce the same analytical report
  • Reduces the need for additional resources to perform the research that one user can do with TeleTracker
  • Reduces the cost of having to purchase GIS spatial datasets and/or relational data

How Does TeleTracker Save You Time?

Researching and aggregating the necessary data for company-wide decision making can take months to years to allocate. Not to mention the time it takes to verify that the information is accurate and up to date. When using most GIS data or SaaS platforms the information then needs to be uploaded into another program to be properly analyzed.

TeleTracker has telecommunications location-based data uploaded, updated, and verified continuously. Not only is the data already in one place but it is also clearly labeled for ease of use. One of the many benefits of utilizing this GeoTel platform is that you do not need to be a GIS expert to do so. Three ways TeleTracker can save you money:

  • All data components are already loaded within TeleTracker
  • No need to install or download any software or data
  • A minimal learning curve, TeleTracker is quite intuitive and needs little training

Your Company in Action

Organizations and companies can save time and money utilizing the amazing services that GeoTel has to offer. Your company would be able to efficiently utilize TeleTracker by researching specific carriers, locating relevant data centers, and/or finding specific cell towers. Then, all this information can also be generated into comprehensive maps and reports all within the same platform.

TeleTracker acts as a united platform for the most accurate and advanced fiber maps, cell tower maps, telecom carrier maps, and telecom-based asset maps in general. If your company would like to save time and money with its telecom data, fill out the form below!

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