International Bandwidth Consumption and Demand by 2026

bandwidth consumptionInternational data traffic is expected to rise significantly, specifically in Latin America, over the next five years. A giant upswing in bandwidth consumption will create a demand for an increase in carriers and infrastructure.

According to TeleGeography, international bandwidth consumption will increase to 700 Tb/s by 2026, compared to 150 Tb/s in 2021. In other words, CAGR will rise from 31% to 36% by 2026. The international data operators, such as AT&T, Century Link, Sprint, Cogent Communications, and NTT Communications, will account for the majority of bandwidth used. However, there will be a significant increase in content providers’ bandwidth consumption as well, these organizations consist of Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

Reasons for Bandwidth Demand

There are certain factors that are causing such a significant increase in demand. The following items will contribute to this rise.

  • Economics – the price for network upgrades is becoming more cost-effective.
  • Consumption – user consumption is driving demand with streaming and cloud-based services, i.e., Netflix.
  • Digital Infrastructure – the support from cloud infrastructure and networking is significantly improved for the end consumer.
  • Infrastructure Investments – Latin America has recently made great investments “in high-speed fixed and mobile access for consumers and enterprise users.

Increase in Bandwidth Consumption Results

As the consumption of bandwidth in Latin America continues to rise it will impact various factors. The volume of data traffic to and from Latin America will also rise, putting increasing demand on the submarine cables and landings currently serving the continent. This will create a demand for infrastructure development or for increased bandwidth capacity in the current infrastructure.

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Author: Experts at GeoTel