Supergeo Technologies, Inc. New GIS Package

In the past, we have profiled numerous GIS vendors who have developed the latest cutting edge technologies. In today’s blog, we continue with the same theme, with Supergeo Technologies, Inc., a company that was founded back in 2001. They develop highly specialized, GIS based software. Their platforms are offered to customers worldwide (supported in over 100 countries).

Supergeo Technologies, Inc., is headquartered out of Taipei, Taiwan. They have two corporate branch offices, one in Taiwan and the other in Malaysia, as well as a global network of thirty value added resellers (VAR) in over forty countries.

Their product lines can be broken down into the following categories:

  • The Desktop GIS. This is composed of spatial, biodiversity, and topology analysis tools.
  • The Server GIS. This is comprised of mapping the features of the earth in 3D.
  • The Mobile GIS. These are mobile apps which can be downloaded onto both Android and iOS based wireless devices.
  • The Developer GIS. These are suites of software development platforms, for creating new kinds and types of GIS based applications.
  • The GIS Data Management Toolset. These packages allow for the GIS software developer or end user to easily manage, rectify, and convert GIS information and data.

In fact, just this past week, Supergeo Technologies, Inc., announced the launch of a new software platform called the “SuperGIS Engine 3.3.” With this new solution, more key components are offered to the software developer, as well as the end user. Some of these brand new features include the following:

  • Mainstream database compatibility.
  • Data table mashups.
  • Enhanced data processing.
  • New mapping elements, which allow for detailed labeling designs for the end user.
  • New functionalities such as display layer, editing, and querying features for accessing spatial databases.
  • More programming objects and object diagrams are provided for the more experienced and technical end user.
  • Sample programming codes and application designs are also offered.
  • Support for any software development language in a Windows environment for creating GIS based projects.

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