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Navman Wireless Offers Fleet Management Solution

Navman Wireless Offers Fleet Management Solution

When one thinks about GIS, the images of satellites and Earth-based maps first come to mind.  However, there is much more to the field of GIS than only this idea of wireless connectivity. For instance, it encompasses the study of the Earth’s oceans, all of the lands across all seven continents, the atmosphere, and even outer space.  But, there is also another area which is a part of GIS, which does not receive much attention.  That is Fleet Tracking. 

In this regard, fleet tracking management software allows a company to keep track of all of the vehicles they own and are given out to employees to conduct their daily job tasks.  One such vendor that has embarked in this innovative field is Navman Wireless, based out of New Zealand.  Their products and services encompass three main areas:

  • Acquisition of Real-Time Data
    • Information is provided as it is created and developed.
    • For example, data from the company owned vehicles is automatically transmitted to your servers, thus giving you a total perspective as to what your employees are doing on the road.
    • This has enormous advantages, such as very accurate timesheet reporting, greatly increased productivity, and drastically lowered payroll costs.
  • Enhanced Customer Service Tools
    • With this Fleet Tracking management software, a business owner can get access to real-time data for its customers.
  • Cost Reduction
    • By using the services from Navman Wireless, you can make sure that your company-owned fleet maintains its fuel efficiency, by taking the shortest route possible, which is also quick and efficient.
    • In fact, it is expected that you could trim your fuel bill by as much as 10%.

Just this week, the company announced the availability of its latest fleet tracking device.  It is known as the “M-Nav 950,” and possesses the following features:

  • Easy to Use Navigation and Routing
    • This feature provides the latest functionality in providing drivers with real-time maps.
    • This helps them to determine where they need to go based upon job locations and other key landmarks based on an interactive map screen.
  • Paperless Customer Forms
    • With this specific feature, vehicle fleet owners and managers can quickly and easily create custom forms and send them on immediately to the driver.
    • As a result, customer signatures, invoices, and order details can be quickly processed, thus getting rid of unneeded paperwork.
  • An Engine Monitoring System
    • This functionality allows the commercial driver to find the quickest and safest routes and see in real time the engine parameters of the vehicle they are driving.
    • This includes such variables as RPM, engine temperature, fuel, and oil pressure levels.

According to the Vice President of Navman Wireless, Ian Daniel, “Fleet efficiency can be significantly impacted by distracted driving, manual paperwork, and exchanges of job site information . . . The M-Nav 950 in combination with Drive removes these inefficiencies by providing real-time updates on daily jobs and driver activity to fleet managers through a single device. It enables fleet vehicles to stay connected, focused, on time and safe.”  (SOURCE:

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