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Introducing the Launch of Vantage

Introducing the Launch of Vantage

Frontier Communications is one of those smaller telecom companies that not too many people, especially in the Midwest, have heard about.  Don’t count them out yet, because they have just announced a new brand.  This new offering is called “Vantage” and offers an entire set of services, including HDTV, broadband and internet services, and VoIP services, as well.  Within this overarching brand, there are three sub-brands as well:

  • Vantage TV
  • Vantage Internet
  • Vantage Voice

Frontier is totally banking on one product to increase its market share.  That is the IPTV (which falls under the Vantage TV sub-brand, as well).  In fact, during the fourth quarter earnings call of 2015, Frontier announced that it would roll out the IPTV to well over 3,000,000 households within a five-year time span.

In addition to this bold new product offering, it was also announced that Frontier will also purchase Verizon’s wireline assets which are located in California, Texas, and Florida.  This includes a customer base of nearly 3,000,000 customers, as well.  With the launch of Vantage, Frontier will also be releasing a brand new billing and support system.

Before the formal launch of Vantage actually occurred, Frontier did a test launch in Durham, NC, with great success.  Riding off this wave of good news, this telecom carrier will now set its eyes on the entire state of Connecticut and, from there, expand this new brand into other, existing markets in which it already has a footprint.

There are also critics, as well, of this new product offering.  For example, there is huge skepticism that Frontier will be able to provide high quality services that are palatable to new and existing customers.  These views are based on the fact that, when Frontier acquired the wireline services of AT&T, poor quality service at a high price was delivered.

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Valerie Stephen