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JaxNAP and Seaborn Host USA Submarine Cables

JaxNAP and Seaborn Host USA Submarine Cables

USA submarine cablesThe latest telecommunications news shines a light on the next USA submarine cables project.

Seaborn is partnering with JaxNAP to connect North America and South America in the latest submarine cable project. This project will connect Boston, Massachusetts to Jacksonville, FL to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Seaborn Networks is “a leading independent developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems.” The company claims the digital universe is doubling every two years and there will be a huge demand for data form emerging markets like Latin America. Seaborn is responsible for Seabras-1, the most direct digital connection for the submarine cable industry between Sao Paul, Brazil and New York, USA.

USA submarine cables

The subsea cable company has chosen Jacksonville Network Access Point (JaxNAP) to host the newest submarine cable in the USA. This addition to the subsea cable system will allow customers to connect with low latency, high availability, and a direct route between Brazil and the Southern United States. Seaborn will provide its high-scale Ethernet and IP Services which directly connects to the backbone of their internet. This integration into Seabras-1 will also provide full protection between the two countries.

The Senior Partner of the JAX NAP, Luke Leonaitis, stated, “This connectivity is a game-changer for anyone in the southeast United States seeking an alternative to the NAP in Miami or the risk of terrestrial transport to connect going north to other subsea cable alternatives. We expect the latency advantage to further cement Seaborn and Jacksonville as the go-to place for data flowing to Brazil and other markets in South America.

JaxNAP is the largest carrier hotel since 2009 in North Florida and offers terrestria l connections to Georgia, Texas, and Northern Florida. The company also connects overseas to the Caribbean, Central and South America, and much more.

Millions of people will benefit from the newest addition to the USA submarine cables and countless organizations can benefit from this data. Discover how your company can benefit from telecommunications location-based data by contacting the experts at GeoTel today!


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