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Locating Fiber Routes, Fiber Lit Buildings, and Cell Towers in the US

Locating Fiber Routes, Fiber Lit Buildings, and Cell Towers in the US

Fiber Routes, Fiber Lit Buildings, and Cell Towers in New York City Almost every organization can benefit from accessing this essential telecom data.

The telecom infrastructure is vital to many industries and knowing the fiber landscape can provide your organization with various business advantages. Telecom assets such as fiber routes, fiber lit buildings, and cell towers can impact small-scale and large-scale operating intelligence.

Why Fiber Routes, Fiber Lit Buildings, and Cell Towers?

Carrier fiber routes are the backbone of the telecom infrastructure in the United States. These essential lines of communication connect neighborhoods to cities, cities to states, and states to the entire nation. These fiber routes can offer more information when linked to fiber lit buildings.

Fiber lit buildings provide bandwidth capacity for end-user applications and display service providers who have a fiber presence or optical switches connected.”

The fiber routes connect to fiber lit buildings which provide the users or building inhabitants to access fiber internet. The fiber routes also connect to cell towers. “Most [cell] towers are being connected on fiber that offers virtually unlimited bandwidth. In remote areas, where installing fiber optic cables can be expensive, microwave links are often used.” Modern towers have replaced older copper coax cables, which reduces costs and weight on the tower itself.

When all aspects of the telecom infrastructure, especially cell towers, fiber routes, and lit buildings are properly evaluated, it can provide the business with insurmountable insight.

Fiber Data Creates Business Insight

Fiber data such as fiber lit buildings, cell towers, and carrier fiber routes can all create insight to assist in making intelligent business decisions. Organizations can utilize this data in the following ways.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Planning development or revitalization projects
  • Real estate appraisal
  • Target Marketing
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Encourage business leaders to invest in the community
  • Coordinate System integration installations
  • Geo-target network coverage and pricing
  • Identify potential opportunities

Whether your organization is in telecom or real estate or any industry that utilizes digital communications, accessing this fiber data can provide various benefits.

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Written By: The Experts at GeoTel


Valerie Stephen