A New Long Haul Fiber Route Is Revealed by Zayo Group

long haul fiber

Construction has begun on a long haul fiber network developing in the West.

Zayo Group, a digital infrastructure and network solutions provider, started its new long haul fiber project which will span Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah. This project is expected to be completed in 2021 and will run 500 miles along the Interstate 70. This new fiber network will live underground for the most part and will join Zayo’s already in place route connecting into Wyoming.

Long Haul Fiber Connecting Companies

The lower half of San Francisco Bay or Silicon Valley used to be one of the number one places that made sense for a technology company to be located at. Major companies like Google, eBay, and Apple have all claimed Silicon Valley as their headquarters’ home. The reasons behind the lure of this central tech hub are:

  • Established Tech Market
  • Destination “To Be”
  • Specialization Support
  • Legal Support
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Easier Financing
  • More Exposure

However, with every desirable location, prices tend to skyrocket. With higher business prices and higher living prices, some companies started to become pushed out of Silicone Valley. Other companies have seen this trend and want to be located nearby in California or just a short plane trip away, located more East.

The Zayo long haul fiber route will provide a viable solution for the companies that are relocating from Silicon Valley or companies that want to operate nearby but without the extreme property costs.


Colorado is one of the most rapidly developing states and Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in America. This growth can be traced to the development of aerospace, technology, new professional services, and healthcare improvements in the area. The Zayo fiber project will aid this growth and expansion. Zayo’s dense dark network of fiber in Colorado already spans 275,000 miles with 1,600 route miles and 26 data centers connected.

long haul fiber


Salt Lake City

Denver was not the only reason why Zayo developed the project based on location. According to The New Yorker, Utah is well on its way to being the next Silicon Valley. The technology, investments, and economic development have been flourishing in Salt Lake City. Zayo also has a rather substantial amount of connectivity capabilities in the city. The company has 20 connected data centers, 1,200 route miles, and 100,000 fiber miles.

In a Business Wire Press Release, it stated that the Senior VP, Dennis Kyle had said, “With many Silicon Valley companies relocating their offices to Salt Lake City and Denver, Zayo is well-positioned to provide them with high-capacity fiber infrastructure to fuel their growth and innovation.

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Author: Valerie Stephen