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Metro Fiber Seeing Boosts Up to 100G

Metro Fiber Seeing Boosts Up to 100G

When it comes to content, big data is driving all the traffic. More than 60 percent of Internet traffic growth comes from big data in metro networks, according to a Cisco report  For service providers, this steady growth places extra demands on the system. While fiber optic systems transmit information at the speed of light, that doesn’t mean they don’t get bogged down at signal switches, routers, and buffers.

PMC-Sierra, Inc., an innovator in semiconductor and software solutions, recently teamed up with Acacia Communications, a leader in intelligent subsystems design for ultra-high speed fiber optic transmission, to design and produce components that reshape metro networks. With their 100G Coherent technology, service providers are now able up upgrade their system so it can transmit 100Gb/s per lambda without replacing a single cable.

This new technology is truly innovation to fiber optics because it allows for a 10-fold increase in capacity while remaining cost-effective.

“Our AC100 Coherent module reduces power, cost and size, making 100G for the first time more cost effective than 10G,” said Acacia’s President and CEO Raj Shanmugaraj.

Across the United States, many cities already have invested into extensive metro fiber networks, or fiber optic networks that connect several enterprises or businesses with high-speed broadband connectivity. These metro fiber networks can be owned by cities, private entities or local ISP providers and are often then leased out to companies. A building that is connected to these metro fiber networks is known as a ‘lit’ building.

As the costs drop and effectiveness increases on metro fiber networks, thanks to technology like Acacia’s 100G Coherent, upgrades to systems are easier and more cost-effective than ever.  At GeoTel Communications, we provide telecom maps and telecom data products that give valuable insight into the competitive fiber optic landscape. In order to effectively analyze the fiber presence in a particular city or metro area, metro fiber, and fiber lit buildings data sets can be utilized. Contact GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172 to order custom-made fiber maps, telecom maps, and fiber lit buildings.

Valerie Stephen