Microsoft’s Data Centers will be Using 60% Renewable Energy by 2020!

Microsoft’s data centers are the beginning of Microsoft large plan of being environmentally friendly.

Microsoft has recently announced they are planning to have their data centers use 60% renewable energy by 2020. In addition, Microsoft plans to cut operational carbon emissions by 75% within 11 years. Microsoft president, Brad Smith, addressed these remarks in a blog post. “[T]he magnitude and speed of the world’s environmental changes have made it increasingly clear that we must do more,” Smith wrote. “And we are taking new steps to do just that.” By 2023, Microsoft looks to have at least 70% renewable energy with the help of blockchain technology, and AI for reuse, resale, recycling of datacenter hardware.

Apple and Google currently state that 100% of its operations are powered by renewable electricity. Amazon has said they hit 50% renewables for their data centers in January 2018. It’s safe to say that the tech giants are all doing their part to be more efficient and help save the environment.

Microsoft is committed to sustainability and using technology to assist in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Microsoft commissioned a report about how AI is helping to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 4%. “By making them available in our cloud, we will advance and accelerate the work of grantees and researchers around the world,” Smith wrote. All the grantees and researchers will have access to the report via the cloud which will service has a reference point for all.
Tech companies have a lot of power in persuasion. If they can keep their commitments to the environment and renewable energy, the possibilities of changing the environment for the better will happen.

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