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Nebraska City Realizes the Need for Connectivity

Nebraska City Realizes the Need for Connectivity

Nebraska City residents have recently realized the need to improve their city’s fiber optic communications. Now, all they need is a way to do this…

For this very reason, Joe Johnson, Nebraska City Administrator, is seeking city residents to serve as members of a technology task force in order to develop a new proposal to increase the city’s bandwidth. “This is just a group of individuals in the community that said, ‘we need bandwidth. We need more than what we have right now. We need to do something about it,'” says Johnson.

Johnson wants this technology task force to be a grass roots initiative focused on increasing connectivity for businesses, school districts, and individuals in the area, as well as to address the issues surrounding fiber optics. Given the reliability and speed fiber optics provide, this technology is quickly becoming a favorite over copper wire communications and electrical transmissions. Fiber optic technology takes the Internet a giant leap forward into a faster and more complete connection.

“Putting enough fiber optics in the ground, and putting enough bandwidth in the ground, is similar, nowadays, to the construction of an industrial park,” said Johnson. “Business is no longer conducted within four walls. Business is conducted over the Internet. We realize this, and it’s extremely important for the city of Nebraska City to move forward to get fiber optics.”

Metro fiber maps, long haul fiber and fiber lit buildings can help people such as Joe Johnson, and other local city officials to make informed decisions for planning new fiber optic networks. If you are interested in obtaining telecommunications GIS data to analyze telecom networks and make business decisions, contact GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172.

Valerie Stephen