Attacks on SaaS Services and Data Centers?

NetScout’s report will help many companies change their security protocols.

NetScout’s 14th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report was just released this week. The report looked at the attacks on SaaS (Software-as-a-service) Services and data centers. NetScout based its research on a survey of its own customers, including network and security professionals and IT decision makers from enterprise and service providers around the world. The focus was on daily challenges from network-based threats and the steps taken to stop and mitigate them.

“The number of attacks against SaaS services jumped from 13% in 2017 to 41% last year. Third-party data center and cloud attacks rose from 11% to 34% during the same time period, the NetScout’s report says.” In addition, the number of actual attacks declined by 4% worldwide, but the complexity and size went up. With all these attacks the internet bandwidth was clogged up and has affected many companies. However, there is some good news. The security industry has been responding, “When the Worldwide Infrastructure Report (WISR) was launched 14 years ago, 10 Gbps attacks made headlines and took networks down,” the report says. “Today, attacks 40 times that size are routinely mitigated with little to no disruption to online services.” There is an indirect indicator that shows the proactivity of the security industry over the passing year.

There was 94% encrypted traffic that was attacked in 2018, which is almost double form the year prior. One can assume that attackers are attacking the better-protected data because if there were easier targets, they would have already attacked them by now.

Once an attack is made the average downtime cost is $221,836 globally. Japan came in with the lowest cost at $123,026 and Germany came in with the highest at $351,995.

NetScout’s 14th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report has provided significant data that can be used by many companies in the SaaS space to bolster their defenses.

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