New GIS Services coming to Eurostat

EuroGeographics is one of the largest GIS based business entities in the entire European Union. It was founded back in 2002, as result of the merger between the Comitée Européen des Responsables de la Cartographie Officielle (CERCO) and the Comitée Européen des Responsables de la Cartographie Officielle (CERCO).

EuroGeographics offers a wide array of products and services, which are geared exclusively to the European market. Their services include the following:

  • EuroDEM. This is a digital representation of the topographical ground features located all across Europe.
  • EuroBoundaryMap. This is a rich dataset which provides a 1:100,000 map scale view of 41 nations.
  • EuroGlobalMap. This is a 1:1,000,000 dataset which covers the topographical regions across 45 nations in the European Union.
  • CRS-EU. This is an online repository which provides the geographic coordinate reference systems for the major landmarks in the European Union.
  • State Boundaries of Europe. This is another dataset which provides the legal and administrative parameters for all of the provinces in the European Union.

The company is now expanding. It was announced, last week, that they have just signed a very lucrative contract to provide their GIS services to an entity known as “Eurostat,” which is the official statistical office for the European Union.  This is a four year agreement.

According to Ekkehard Petri, a Geographical Information Team Leader at Eurostat, “The Commission depends on accurate geospatial information to deliver many of its activities. From protecting against flooding or other natural hazards, to agricultural policies, intelligent transport, and economic growth, many European initiatives rely on up-to-date, seamless geospatial information. The authoritative data we will receive from EuroGeographics play a key role in meeting our users’ demand.”  (SOURCE:

According to the terms of the agreement, Eurostat will receive the following services:

  • Database services
  • Access to both geographical and topographical information datasets
  • Spatial analyses
  • Cartographic publishing
  • Backdrop visualization

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