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Avaya & Ciena Partner

Avaya & Ciena Partner

The two networking powerhouses Ciena and Avaya have just announced a strategic partnership where they plan to create what is known as a WAN-LAN data networking solution. It is believed that the formation of this new alliance signifies Ciena’s corporate goals of moving into other industrial and market segments, as well.

In this newly forged partnership, Ciena’s data packet networking platforms and Avaya’s ‘Fabric Connect’ technology will be brought together to create a new technological entity. The primary of objective of this is to:

  • Allow the customer to have more control over their Cloud based, on demand services;
  • Give businesses the ability to create and deliver their own Cloud models;
  • Greatly simplify the network operations of businesses;
  • Support the real time use of Unified Communications, and Wi-Fi mobility.

In this new relationship between the two companies, Ciena brings to the table its WAN capabilities, and Avaya brings its expertise in Ethernet and IP Service Delivery. An example of how this new, turnkey solution can be applied is that of an educational institution.

In this scenario, separate networks can be provided for the faculty, the bursar’s office, the student population, and the administrative offices. These multiple networks can then be literally transported across the WAN. The primary benefits of this are a much more simplified network infrastructure, and reduced cost overhead.

This new service (from the partnership between Avaya and Ciena) will be provided through channel distribution partners, such as Ronco Communications and Integration Partners.

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Valerie Stephen