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Nokia Launches Predictive Traffic Software

Nokia Launches Predictive Traffic Software

HERE, a division of the Nokia Company, develops GIS based solutions for both mapping and navigation based applications.  Just recently, HERE announced the launch of a brand new product called ‘Predictive Traffic.’  This new GIS software app can look at and analyze current traffic patterns around the world, and make predictive assumptions as to how future traffic patterns will look like.  

Here are some of the key features of ‘Predictive Traffic’, thus demonstrating its powerful use:

  • The software is available in 43 countries;
  • Historical traffic data is available from 81 countries;
  • It collects data from than 70 billion probe points per month;
  • It has also collected more than 1.3 trillion historical pieces of data from within the last decade.

‘Predictive Traffic’ can also examine up to 100 different types of traffic behavior variables for each road segment. It can forecast the traffic for that particular road segment as far as 12 hours in advance.  As a result, estimated arrival times are thus far 20% more accurate than before.

The ultimate objective is to expand the ‘Predictive Traffic’ software application so that it can incorporate more advanced predictive analytical algorithms, as well as Cloud Computing features for the automobile of tomorrow.

Future applications for ‘Predictive Traffic’ include planning trips which can be synched up with the Cloud. This would allow for the automatic integration between the automobile, and alert/notification systems which operate in real time, such as your Smartphone.

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Valerie Stephen