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TouchShare Manages GIS Processes

TouchShare Manages GIS Processes

TouchShare, leader of geospatial collaboration solutions, has announced the launch of TouchShare Web. TouchShare Web is TouchShare’s browser application that manages the processes of GIS in ESRI Mapping, Feature Services, Network KML, and other Open Geospatial Consortium data such as Web Mapping Services. Compared to preceding TouchShare solutions, TouchShare Web contains a single platform, providing customers internal or external servers to view, analyze and maneuver several data files. This innovative platform that holds a user integration and collaboration framework centers on tools and functions that assist and better business decisions.

“TouchShare is working with organizations to improve real-time collaboration and information sharing across dynamic teams. Regardless of location or devices, we give users the ability to connect to the situation, gain a real-time view of the battlefield or response area, quickly pin point issues and then act,” stated Bob Pette, TouchShare CEO.

TouchShare’s cloud-based platform provides users GIS data extracted from internal, partner or public sources. This information, for instance, can give emergency response personnel the ability to immediately view and intake NOAA’s weather and wind speeds and can also provide FireWhat’s active fire perimeters or any internal data vital to provide situational awareness. The TouchShare Server in the public or private cloud can provide essentially any open GIS data to be absorbed, layered and shared with isolated decision makers or stakeholders. This joint technology allows users to collaborate from any web browser without software installation and is available on mobile devices, desktops and large format devices. Users can contribute to discussions despite location or device used.

An innovative feature of TouchShare Web is access to x-y-z-t datasets with lensing tools and data layering controls. Receiving information from base maps, OGC data and live feeds to guide users to a particular area or data piece within a distinct window is allowed by lensing. Even in contrasting transparencies, multiple lenses can be active at once, which allows multiple data sources to be observed in one window or view. For immediate visual feedback on relative data distribution, layer visibility can be switched on or off on or opacity can be adjusted. GeoTel Communications, LLC, provides telecom infrastructure data sets such as metro fiber or fiber lit buildings that can be used as a layer in the Touchshare product. If interested in learning more, contact GeoTel Communications at (800) 277-2172.

Valerie Stephen