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North American Data Center Race

North American Data Center Race

An institutional internet real estate company, Edgecore, develops and operates scalable data centers throughout North America. The company has been established for over 55 years and continues to expand. The newest Edgecore data center is nearing completion in Mesa, Arizona, with its venture capitalists and advancements, this center has gotten some attention from the telecommunications world.

Backed by deep-pocketed investors, this Mesa project will be the first of 7 scalable data centers in the area. Not only does the company have substantial investors, such as GIC, previously known as the Singapore Government’s Investment Corporation, but the company is also led by Tom Ray. Mr. Ray is the former CEO of CoreSite and is also one of the most knowledgeable executives in the data center realm.

The developing data center facility will be 178,000 square feet and will host modularized power sectors that attach to the building exterior. Each power room will encompass 2-megawatt generators, respectful transformers, and back-up generators. The advanced Edgecore data center will also possess a roof-based air-cooling system to prevent over-heating. The facility is home to 60,000 square feet data halls that will support 16 megawatts levels. To put that in perspective 1 megawatt can supply power to nearly 650 homes in a residential area. The facility layout will assist in creating an uninterruptable power supply that will be sourced by lithium-ion batteries, following the recent trend shying away from lead-acid batteries.

Rechargeable Battery Advancements

Lead-acid batteries were developed in the mid-1800s and have a limited life cycle, waste energy, and have proven to be inefficient and slow when charging. However, the recently invented Lithium-ion batteries do have its own pros and cons. These newly developed batteries are longer-lasting, reduce waste, have a reduced carbon footprint, and require fewer cooling features than its predecessor. Unfortunately, these better-for the-planet batteries have posed combustible fire problems in rare cases and are more expensive than other types of rechargeable batteries.

A Data Center Neighborhood 

This first facility will be the steppingstone in the soon to be data center neighborhood. This area will solely be for the Edgecore campus, but fellow data providers in the area consist of Digital Realty, H5 Data Centers, and CyrusOne. In addition, the data giant, Microsoft, has bought land nearby and have had 3 various data center companies purchase areas of the property.

North America is home to a plethora of data centers and data providers. With constant advancements and developments, such as the switch to lithium batteries, we can expect more facilities and improvements to come. The best way to utilize these data centers is with a location-based telecommunications data provider, such as GeoTel.

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Author: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen