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Omaha Fiber Optic Network Helps Save Lives

Omaha Fiber Optic Network Helps Save Lives

In a building only a mile away from Omaha’s Eppley Airfield, nearly two dozen dispatch specialists coordinate traffic patterns for 152 emergency helicopters, 17 airplanes, and 15 ambulances across the US. As a dispatch specialist for AirCom, it is your job to deliver critical communications to emergency personnel when every second counts.

AirCom, the Omaha-based subsidiary of AirMethods, is an air transport firm that uses communications to save lives by instructing emergency personnel and helicopter pilots on locations, logistics, and other information related to transporting patients in situations where seconds matter. Critical communications are exchanged by the minute and every call is a life or death call.

The company chose to locate their facility in Omaha because of the city’s fiber network. Omaha is home to one of the most abundant telecommunications and underground fiber optic networks in the country. In fact, AirCom’s facility has a direct uplink to AT&T’s fiber optic network, which they rely on 24/7. The fiber network helps transport data and information to AirCom’s small data center, which includes backup servers that store the company’s information, as well as to radio equipment and recorders that archive all calls.

Fiber optic networks are essential for high-tech businesses, such as AirCom, that have very-time sensitive operations and that rely on fast Ethernet access. Fiber optic cables can support up to 10 GigE Ethernet connections and therefore help increase business continuity, productivity, and efficiency for companies like AirCom.

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Valerie Stephen