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IBM & Esri Partnership has GIS on Cloud Platform

IBM & Esri Partnership has GIS on Cloud Platform

A few months ago, the IBM InterConnect conference was held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  The IBM InterConnect conference brings together industry leaders and peers in the cloud, data, internet of things, security, and artificial intelligence spaces.

ibm esri partnership brings gis geospatial data to cloudEven GIS vendors attended, including global spatial leader Esri.  At the conference, Esri announced their partnership with IBM in which their development team will make the existing services of Esri available in a cloud-based infrastructure platform, IBM Bluemix.

Esri services that will be provided on the cloud application will include their own geo-services platform that provides location-based insights.  There will also be other innovative tools offered by IBM Bluemix that users will have access to such as security, predictive analytics, data storage, base maps, and various other scripting tools.

Developers will be able to take advantage of the powerful Bluemix platform and Esri’s geospatial services to quickly test and deploy API’s. Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) allows developers to create apps using data points that can be mapped, which incorporates the ultra-high resolution photos taken by satellites.

According to S.J. Camarata, the head of Corporate Strategy at Esri, “Esri in IBM’s Bluemix cloud brings a new level of content, functionality, performance, and availability to developers around the world who are creating and managing applications with spatial analytics components.”

Currently, Esri’s customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and various other large businesses.

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