Portland May Subsidize Gigabit Fiber

In the fiber optic, high-speed world, it seems all everyone wants to talk about is gigabit connectivity. Most often, this means Google Fiber. As the Internet giant expands more and more into being a service provider, cities throughout the country work to lure in the popular company.

Yet, one population often is left out of the Internet boom and that is low-income residents. In Kansas City, Google’s gigabit connectivity starts at $70 per month. For some this may sound affordable for lightning-fast Internet speeds, many households cannot fit it into their budgets. Google offers a free 5 Mbps and 1 Mbps upload speed option, but it requires a $300 construction fee.

Portland, Oregon is currently in early discussions with Google to be one of the 34 cities where it will expand its fiber-optic network. Realizing that not all residents will be able to benefit from this service, the Portland City Council recently suggested subsidizing Google’s cheapest option, the 5 Mbps download choice, by helping to pay the $300 installation fee.

Google will announce later this year which cities will be part of the next expansion plan. They stated that they would make their decision by looking at a city and seeing how many people sign up for their service, regardless of the option. Portland hopes covering the installation costs for low-income residents will encourage more people to sign up.

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