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The President Calls for Strengthening Rural Broadband Connectivity

The President Calls for Strengthening Rural Broadband Connectivity

Rural Broadband ConnectivityRural broadband connectivity has been an issue for some time now. While companies that develop critical infrastructure have made strides in bridging the digital divide, thanks to the support from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Funding for USDA Rural Broadband Programs initiative from 2021, there are still remote locations throughout America that struggle to receive the internet connectivity they need to run modern faculties.

To tackle this infrastructure dilemma in 2024, President Biden has proposed a budget increase to $400 million for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Broadband ReConnect Program. This is after the Reconnect Program received $2 million from the original Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in 2021.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Broadband ReConnect Program

President Biden’s goal is to connect rural Americans with affordable, reliable, high-speed internet. This level of connectivity permits high-paying jobs and strengthens rural economies. This leads to increased property values, lower rates of unemployment, and new developing businesses. Investing in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Broadband ReConnect Program will provide grants and loans to assist in deploying broadband in rural areas with a focus on tribal lands.

According to the Budget Report of the Government Fiscal Year 2024, “the funding provided in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, USDA has provided nearly $548 million to people living and working across 21 States and Territories, which is expected to expand access to 43,189 households.

The Department of Agriculture’s program provides these funds which can be used to improve, construct, and acquire the abilities to provide internet services to end-users by utilizing reliable technologies that are suitable for the rural environment. 

Broadband Maps and Telecom Research

The increase in budget is surrounded by an increase in demand for accurate and reliable broadband maps, fiber maps, and telecom research in general. The FCC and BDC deployed recent initiatives to develop a more accurate and up-to-date Fixed Broadband Deployment Map. While this is underway, there are various ways that GeoTel can assist with the development of rural broadband connectivity and the reporting on said recent developments.

GeoTel has the most accurate and reliable telecom data available. The telecom data leader can assist in BDC reporting by providing essential critical infrastructure data needed for accurate reporting. Contact GeoTel to learn more.

Written By: Valerie Stephen

Valerie Stephen