Area Code Boundaries

GeoTel’s Area Code Boundaries dataset features polygons for U.S. Area Codes. This dataset provides essential insights for defining coverage, customer location, call volume analysis, and network planning.

U.S. Geographic Insight

GeoTel’s Area Code Boundaries dataset includes polygons representing the geographic coverage of U.S. Area Codes—the first three digits of a 10-digit U.S. phone number (NPA/NXX). These boundaries serve as a fundamental method for identifying coverage areas. This data is available for the entire United States or by individual states.

U.S. Geographic Insight
How Area Code Boundaries Can Be Used

How Area Code Boundaries Can Be Used

An Area Code Boundary is used for network planning purposes in telecommunications. This dataset determines geographical customer base and areas of service. GeoTel’s Area Code Boundaries dataset provides crucial insights into U.S. Area Codes, enabling precise definition of coverage areas, customer location identification, call volume analysis, and strategic network planning. Request a demo today to unlock the potential of Area Code Boundaries in enhancing your telecommunications strategy.


  • Gain insights into the coverage areas of specific area codes
  • Identify customer locations based on area code boundaries
  • Analyze call volumes in relation to area code boundaries
  • Optimize network planning by leveraging area code insights

Area Codes Boundaries Available in GIS & SaaS

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