Cell Towers

GeoTel’s comprehensive Cell Tower Locations dataset spans over approximately 420,000 cell tower sites. Our data empowers users to identify and assess readily leased wireless facilities. The facilities include towers and rooftops to water tanks, billboards, and rural land, facilitating the deployment or fill-in of cellular, PCS, WiMAX, LMDS, MMDS, and other wireless coverage solutions.

Locations, Details, Connectivity

The Cell Tower dataset provides a wealth of information including:

  • Site ID
  • Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Ground Elevation
  • Company Name
  • FCC ASR Number
  • FAA Study Number

  • Tower Type
  • Status


Integrating additional telecommunications data like carrier fiber routes, can assist to better pinpoint fiber locations around wireless towers or facilities. Infrastructure managers leverage this dataset to examine existing and potential service areas.

Cell Towers Images

Benefits of Cell Tower Location Data

  • Conduct competitive analysis with detailed service providers and tower coverage information
  • Identify opportunities for Ethernet or lit wave solutions over fiber back-haul for both small-cell and macro-cell applications
  • Utilize cell tower height data to determine precise “line of sight” projections
  • Enable wireless carriers and cell tower companies to strategically assess the proximity of fiber to monopoles and various tower types
  • Assist power and utility companies in determining site preparation requirements for coordinated system integration installations
  • Empower public safety agencies with optimized preparedness and response times during emergencies, recovery, and relief operations

Navigating Connectivity Landscapes with Tower Details and 3D Mapping

GeoTel’s commitment to precision ensures that our cell tower locations data becomes your strategic asset in the evolving landscape of wireless connectivity. Request a demo and explore how GeoTel can guide you toward informed decision-making and enhanced connectivity solutions. GeoTel—Where Connectivity Meets Precision.

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