Fiber Lit Buildings

Uncover a wealth of strategic insights with GeoTel’s Fiber Lit Buildings (FLB) dataset offering, detailed information on over 14 million geocoded buildings in the United States. This dataset reflects precise coordinates, fiber service provider names, and on-net or near-net statuses. Additionally, businesses and organizations can navigate the telecommunications landscape, make informed site decisions, and effectively target competitors.

What Are Fiber Lit Buildings?

Fiber lit buildings serve as critical hubs for end-user applications by providing essential bandwidth capacity. Our data depicts service providers with a fiber presence, showcasing optical switches connected to a fiber loop within a building.

Fiber Lit Building with Attribute Data in a downtown setting
Selected Fiber Lit Building with attribute data

GeoTel’s FLB Dataset

GeoTel’s FLB dataset distinguishes on-net and near-net buildings, presenting attributes such as fiber service provider names, fiber presence type, and latitude and longitude coordinates. With a vast coverage of over 14 million fiber lit buildings in the United States, this dataset is geocoded to digital street databases and integrated as a layer in a geographic information system.

Strategic Site Decisions with Telecom Data

Companies use this data for making site location decisions. Combining GIS telecommunications products and other data layers, such as fiber routes and business location data, can further enhance site location analyses. The FLBs data set allows service providers to create actionable sales leads targeting specific competitor locations.

Attributes included in our Fiber Lit Building dataset encompass identification of fiber service provider names, fiber presence types (on net or near net), and latitude and longitude coordinates. With GeoTel, illuminate your path to success in the dynamic world of fiber lit buildings. Request a demo and embark on a journey of strategic decision-making and unparalleled market insights. 

Fiber Lit Building in Alabama Highlighted

Benefits of Fiber Lit Buildings

  • Utilize data for competitive intelligence, complemented by GeoTel’s CLEC reports, to identify existing carriers and target new carriers entering a market for a 360-degree view of competition.
  • Match lit building data with IP address databases for precise market targeting and segmentation analysis.
  • Empower telecommunications carriers with FLB data for competitive intelligence, market penetration, sales, and regulatory compliance
  • Enable real estate companies to gain insight into fiber availability at or within targeted locations for accurate property appraisals
  • Aid businesses planning new development by assessing existing infrastructure suitability or identifying the need for new buildouts

Fiber Lit Buildings

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