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Proposal Expands Broadband to Rural US

Proposal Expands Broadband to Rural US

Part of President Trump’s $1T telecom infrastructure proposal is to expand broadband internet access to rural areas across the United States.

There is no doubt today that the political climate here in the United States is one that has never been seen before. From health care to global warming, many controversial issues are being addressed. The goal of the administration regardless of how controversial a topic or discussion, is to better the lives of United States’ citizens. Last week, the Trump administration did just that when talking about their plans for the telecom industry and the expansion of the broadband internet

Broadband access in major metropolitan areas continues to steadily expand, both in availability and in bps speeds. The smaller telecom vendors have started to realize this, and thus, have started to make serious efforts to gain customers in the often forgotten about rural areas.

As part of his $1 Trillion infrastructure package, President Trump wants to increase spending for better broadband services for the rural sector.

According to President Trump, “I will be including a provision in our infrastructure proposal—$1 trillion proposal, you’ll be seeing it very shortly—to promote and foster, enhance broadband access for rural America also… we will rebuild rural America.”

When compared to the metropolitan areas, only 55% of the rural sector has access to adequate broadband. 94% people in the urban areas not only have access to these kinds of services, but they also can get them at far greater speeds than rural customers, typically 25 Mbps or more.

These efforts being made by the Trump Administration are also being welcomed by some key leaders, including that of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai who says, “Far too many families and businesses in rural communities do not have access to adequate broadband, limiting their opportunities in the digital age. Closing the digital divide needs to be a national priority, and the President’s decision to include rural broadband in his infrastructure plan holds great promise for creating more jobs and prosperity in our nation’s rural areas.”

(blog source: Trump incorporates rural broadband into $1T infrastructure proposal)

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