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Research Triangle Park Initiates Ultrafast Network

Research Triangle Park Initiates Ultrafast Network

On February 1st, 2013, the Triangle J Council of Governments, in association with an organization called the NC Next Generation Networks, issued a request for a proposal that seeks private sector service providers who are interested in building a “next generation” communications network across the Triangle, as well as Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The proposal spells out various requirements for high-speed wireless and landline connectivity.

The goal of Triangle J and the NC Next Generation Networks’ proposal is to seek innovative network solutions for the region so that they can meet the growing connectivity requirements of today. In addition, the region desires to find effective solutions to utilize existing public investments in currently underutilized government broadband and fiber assets so that they can provide increased services to the public and low-income residents.

The Triangle J Council proposal makes it clear that providers would be responsible for the costs of such network(s), however, many incentives are outlined to encourage services in “support of the public good”. The Triangle is looking for comprehensive broadband infrastructure – a gigabit fiber network that can be expanded upon to serve other areas of the region in the future. Their proposal requires responses by April 2, 2013.

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Valerie Stephen